The Campidoglio, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill

The Campidoglio, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill

You’ll never forget your first time. You’ll be walking around or cruising in a cab from the airport. Then you’ll see The Colosseu, the Arco di Tito and the entire stunning array of jaw-dropping victory and devastation. It’s the perfect place to let your imagination go wild. A woman rattling tambourines during torch-lit processions chariots hauling the tanned, muscular men wearing togas towards the baths.
Temples of goddesses, as well as tombs of Empresses along with churches, are dedicated to the Mary. The Virgin Mary is all waiting to be found in the thousands of years of history around you. It’s difficult to take the entire history in one sitting. It is the best option since not many of the ruins and sculptures are identified. You can also just walk around and let yourself be swept away by your dreams. Here are some locations where women are the center of attention:

The Campidoglio

The Michelangelo-designed piazza is a perfect place to begin, where Minerva (just behind Marcus Aurelius) sits on a throne holding her mighty spear. On the left and right of her, there are Capitoline Museums, packed with statues of the characters that used to roam the region around you.
Within the Palazzo Nuovo (museum to the left of Minerva) go to the first-floor corridor to view The Capitoline Venus. The statue is set in a sunny niche, dressed in the form of Venus Pudica, with one hand placed over her breasts, the other one covering her Cupid’s enclosure.
It’s true that she’s modest, but she’s also playful like she’s saying: “Look what I’m hiding” Venus was the goddess who was flittering between passion and passion. Her husband was Vulcan, However; even the top couple’s counselor could not have kept this beautiful woman from the death, rage, and cripples.
Venus was involved in hot affairs with Mars as well as the gorgeous Adonis and hid as a human to engage in a romantic relationship with men she liked. Each year, she bathed in the same seat where she was born, to renew her virginity. In the same hall, you’ll find an image of the Roman Woman Dressed.
As Venus barely dressed, proving how much Romans were a part of the goddess. A Roman woman breaks free of the Modest Venus posture, standing proudly naked with her hand placed on the hip. To have a good laugh, farther down the hallway, take a look at The Drunken Old Woman, who’s lying in a chair with a smug smile, drinking an ice-cold glass of wine.

The Roman Forum

In the ongoing archaeological excavations, there is located the Temple of the Vestal Virgins which is now a series of pillars adorned with the remnants of statues for females. It is believed that the Cult of Vesta goddess who was the goddess of Hearth and home, is among the oldest of the world’s ancient cults. Many believe that the cult is present in modern Italy in the famiglia, which is the mainstay of the country.
The advantage for the Vestals in the days when women did not enjoy the same freedoms as men and freedom, was that they could be able to move around whenever they wanted and enjoy advantages all over towns such as seats in special concerts and games. However, the downside was that If they let the flame of Vesta’s out, they’d be punished with a flogging or if they engaged in sexual relations with someone, they’d be killed alive.
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The Palatine Hill

When you ascend from the Forum and up to this beautiful and tranquil spot in which Romulus (great-grandson of Venus) decided to establish the city. It later became the Beverly Hills of Ancient Rome in which noble palaces were constructed. In the 16th century, the Farnese family began to create gardens here where you can walk through the rows of boxwood plants along with cypress trees, and rose and laurel bushes and take in stunning views of the city below.
For the palaces and the palace of Augustus, The Home of Augustus can be currently accessible to visitors, however, be prepared to stand in a long line to visit the emperor’s frescos, in the event that you visit before the museum opens. The house of his wife Livia is being restored however, the Palatine remains a wonderful spot to reminisce about the glorious times that were Livia and Augustus who were the rulers of Rome for 45 years, brought Rome to its Golden Age.
In 39 B.C. in the year following the assassination of Julius Caesar, Livia was a gorgeous 19-year-old who was married to the younger Tiberius Claudius Nero. She was also expecting an infant. Then Octavius came, an emerging star on the battlefield who was married to an unborn wife.
The Palatine Hill
The Palatine Hill – Photo Credit – Shadowgate
Octavius was in love with Livia and divorced his wife on the day she had her baby and got married to the mother of the child Livia. The old man who had given Livia away at the wedding even gave her the payoff. It was an effective political move for everyone involved, and the people didn’t look at the decision.
Octavius has crowned Emperor Caesar Augustus and ruled Rome with his perfect partner Livia who was in charge of all business matters at home, as he went off to conquer the world. Livia was an excellent Roman wife. She was known for her chastity, “worked wool” (made her husband’s togas), and did not show any fancy jewelry or a dress.
The couple stayed in the same place during their 51 years of marriage and had Livia being a patient witness to an asexual Augustus who was famous for his S&M actions. Together, they re-invigorated Rome by restoring the monuments of the Forum and constructing new ones across the city.
Livia’s name has become famous in the world of fiction, especially in Robert Graves’ and Claudius where she’s described as a conniving lady that poisoned important heirs in order to ensure that her family’s lineage would be the first to inherit the throne. No matter what version you believe, Livia’s family ended up ruling Rome.
Livia died at the old age of 86 and was hailed by the title of Diva Augusta. She was revered by the streets surrounding you and was carried to celebrations by carriages pulled by elephants. For a fuller picture of her life visit her home at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, close to The Termini station. The entire garden area of her suburban home was moved to the top of the museum, where you can sit in the middle of incredible frescos with elegant, abundant scenery of flowers, trees, and birds.
TIPS: Do not visit the Forum between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The most crowded time for tourists. The museums are, however, not crowded and in addition to Palazzo Nuovo, the Palatine Museum which is renowned for its sculptures and mosaics is a great option.
Start with a stop at the Capitoline Caffe (Piazzale Caffarelli just to the right of the steps of the Campidoglio) for a quick boost of coffee or have lunch and enjoy the beautiful views from the terraces.
Make sure to plan your visit so that you’ll be on Palatine Hill by sunset or going back to the cafe in the Campidoglio to relax with a glass of wine before heading back in to take in the view.
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