It is not easy to admit your old age and your guilt. Old age comes by asking, not by pushing. This is considered to be the real time to enjoy the disease in the East and life in the West. In old age, teeth begin to erupt, and wisdom begins to come. The offspring and organs begin to respond. Your memory seems to be declining. Food and health are cut in half. Eyes and hair also start to decrease. When old age comes, it lasts till death.
The first sign of old age is that the beautiful girls start shouting ‘Uncle’, trembling, or sticking in their hands; the sugar has to be calculated moment by moment. Sweet looks are also considered bad. Eyebrows and wrinkles appear on the face, and hair suddenly turns from black to white. There is pain in the knees and heart.
The man hardly accepts two things: your guilt and your old age. Our childhood is for the comfort and happiness of others; our youth is only for us; and old age is for doctors. When you start remembering Allah, doctor, and wife again and again, understand that you are getting old and becoming harmless; you cannot harm anyone except yourself.
When children start calling you Uncle, Nana, Dada, and beautiful girls call you Uncle, don’t hesitate and blow the whistle to forget your grief as soon as you feel lonely because you are only capable of whistling. If children serve you in old age, it means that you have paid full attention to their training and your life insurance.
‘A man never grows old’ is the saying of not one but thousands of old people. It is one thing to grow old and quite another to look old. There are a child and a youth hidden in every old man. Growing old is not an easy task; it takes years of exercise. There are many advantages and disadvantages to aging. The biggest advantage is that everyone leaves the seat when they see the old man, except the politician.
Good families and a good government always take care of their elderly. If they are not old, then the fog from the springs and teeth will be completely gone. Women are old, but their age is often young. A Western woman does not hide her age. In Pakistan, a woman who says she is thirty-five years old looks fifty years old; in Canada, what she says is fifty-five years old. Pakistanis are number one in hiding income, and Chinese are number one in hiding age.
Man discovers the true nature of relationships twice in a lifetime: with his wife or after old age. To die of old age is to hurt one. There is an old man hidden inside every child, provided he lives a long life. Is this the beginning of old age? As children, we used to take or see tests; now, doctors write tests for us. Our message to every old person is to get rid of the world before the world gets rid of you.
If you think about it from the other side of the window, you will feel better having all the things you wished for in childhood or at a young age. Only health is a major problem that deteriorates in old age. You have enough money to buy many things. You enjoy life freely, with fewer responsibilities on your shoulders. If you are guilty of anything, then you need to realize and accept it. Ask for forgiveness from those whom you hurt. After that, you will feel inner peace and relaxation.
It is not easy to admit your old age and your Guilt. Old age comes by asking and not by pushing. This is considered to be the real-time to enjoy the disease
It is not easy to admit your old age and your guilt. Old age comes by asking, not by pushing. This is considered the real-time way to enjoy the disease. Photo credit: Jang
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Originally posted 2020-06-03 11:27:12.