What Makes a Great Person?

What Makes a Great person?

Do we have a clear idea of what we should expect from others? There is no reason why we should not demand the same of ourselves: to be of noble character in our conduct, to take the time to notice our shortcomings and our strengths and to strive for excellence even when it gets tiresome and difficult to serve the world.
The way we intend for this to be achieved is to inspire and challenge others to act wisely and with virtue in any area of their lives that we have the ability to influence. The nine virtues of greatness can be used to inspire the seeds of greatness that can produce the seeds of future greatness if we have their ear.
What Makes a Great person? Do we have a clear idea of what we should expect from others? There is no reason why we should not demand the same of ourselves
What Makes a Great person? Do we have a clear idea of what we should expect from others? There is no reason why we should not demand the same of ourselves. Source

Honesty should be demanded

The goal of each and every one of us is to live a life of integrity, pride, and uprightness. There is a desire for them to be truthful. The truth is that most people are loathed to have to lie, to be branded as liars, and to be caught up in the lives of others. In spite of this, our society is so tolerant of such people that it is easy for them to make small, false claims, and get away with it. We are the ones that must hold the line of truth and call out where it is breached.
Let us be the ones to hold the line of truth. Our role should be to push people to live their lives in a straightforward manner by being the ones to push them. In the event that someone tells a lie, let’s speak to them immediately and tell them that we are concerned about the level of honesty they show. This is what we call candor, and it demonstrates our ability to hold people accountable. There is no compromise in regard to truth, and we must inspire others to be uncompromising in their pursuit of truth as well.

Responsibility must be demanded.

The ability to take responsibility for one’s actions is inherent in many people. However, too many people avoid it in the name of ease in their daily lives. There is no doubt that they need to finish the report that they promised, but they would rather go to the game instead. They are aware that they should pay their child support even though it is wrong, but they prefer to keep the money in order to pay their own rent instead.
Despite the fact that they are aware they should be held responsible for their actions, it is much easier for them to duck their duties by blaming their parents or culture for their wrongdoings. However, when someone favors ease over duty, there are many who suffer as a result. It is our job as leaders to be able to change the nature of those we meet by activating and encouraging a more responsible attitude.
It is imperative that we help those we influence to see that they are creating a whole world of negative consequences for themselves and for those around them when they fail to carry out their responsibilities and own their realities. It is our intention to ask you, “Do you realize that the entire team was put on hold and uninformed when you failed to deliver on your responsibility and submit your report at the last meeting because of the fact that you failed to complete your responsibility?
Did you ever think that the fact that you haven’t been paying child support to your son has compelled him to steal from the corner grocer since you haven’t paid child support to him because you haven’t been paying child support to him? If there is something you should know about yourself, it is that blaming your parents and your culture for everything that is wrong with you will not help you at all, that only you are responsible for your decisions and where your life will lead, regardless of what has gone on before.
Often it is difficult to point out the mistakes or failings of others, but if we want to lead, we must do this in order to be able to motivate them. It is important to be kind and understanding, but let us also be direct and passionate when helping them improve for the future in order to make them better. It would be unfit for us to be the leader if we were unwilling to point out when someone was being irresponsible in their duties and behavior in the workplace.

Intelligence is what we need

A growing number of people in the world are ignorant of the gravity of the issues affecting them and their communities. They are only superficially knowledgeable about their respective fields of expertise. It is however true that as people gain more ignorance, they become more cynical, because they haven’t taken the time to find out what is true, so, as a result, they reject the truths that they weren’t able to ascertain out of laziness or bias. Despite the fact that ignorance has become a symbol of our society, we cannot continue to celebrate it.
As a culture, we are obsessed with the moron on television, the brainwashed face in a magazine, and the thoughtless extremist on the airwaves. This is why we have to remain vigilant in order to prevent our children from becoming blind as a result of seeing this. As a result, it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others. We must help them learn, explore, think critically, and grow in wisdom. In order to influence and lead effectively, we must set an example for those we influence and lead and expect them to be thoughtful and intelligent.
Whether it is asking our kids to study more, our coworkers to do more research, or our media to present news that is balanced and informed, let us not be complacent. I think that we must encourage those who ask us ignorant questions to spend more time preparing before they ask them.
We need to advise coworkers who act ignorantly at work that they need to gain more knowledge and assign them a mentor who can help them. Let us strive to be the ultimate champions of true wisdom, genius, or creativity in any area in which we serve, and allow it to be an incentive for further brilliance in those areas.
What Makes a Great person
What Makes a Great person? Our goal must be to achieve the highest levels of work and achievement in everything that we do. Source

We should demand excellence

It is imperative for those who are destined to achieve the greatness that all things are done well and to completion. Our goal must be to achieve the highest levels of work and achievement in everything that we do.
The people within our sphere must be allowed to engage in their work with full interest, and no one should be allowed to approach it only occasionally. We should be honest with such a person if we find one in our midst, and then let’s do all we can to help them perform to our higher expectations if we find one in our midst.
But in the event that they fail to meet this deadline in a timely manner, we need to send them as swiftly away as possible. It is not in our nature to tolerate mediocrity on our march. We must leave behind those who do not share our interest in excellence because if they do not share our enthusiasm for excellence, then they will not be able to make an active contribution and they will not be able to follow our path.
If poor performers are let go, we will find a place for them as soon as they are picked up, so we should not worry about letting them loose. As you can see, it is not being unkind or dismissive in any way. It is simply providing people with the opportunity to find out where they can be of most service and where their talents are needed the most. They are not a problem to be judged by us, and it is not a problem to be corrected.
Throughout our journey, it is only a matter of choosing the people and groups that are aligned with our values and the mission that we are on. In order to achieve world-class performances, we need to never be timid in setting high standards. With widely shared guidelines, it becomes an unwavering standard that inspires everyone to act in a more efficient and effective manner.

Courage is what we need.

It is through the courageous actions of its people that the fate of the world is determined. There is a need for us to deal with the fears we have within ourselves and, at the same time, instill that same strength in those we care for and serve. We need to motivate people to act rather than just talk, and we should never allow others to reduce the actual effort to a verbal substitute.
The most effective way we can encourage others to take action is by asking “What have you done about it?” at the same time as asking, “What do you think about it?” When we see others shrink away in silence or give up on their dreams, we should ask them why they are doing so. I believe we must take it upon ourselves to remind them of their inherent power of will and strength if their response becomes thick with excuses and weakness.
When we cultivate courage, we often engage in confrontation: we force others to face their fears and injustices, we show them how to help instead of hide, we ask for candor instead of silence, and we encourage them to stand up rather than back down.

Respect for others must be demanded

There are many virtues of human connection that are nurtured by the glow of respect: kindliness, compassion, fairness, empathy, and love. The people we attempt to inspire must be treated with a lot of respect, even if our intentions are strong and demanding with them. The same respect we expect them to show to others should be expected from them as well.
As we lead more and more people, we can anticipate that there will be disrespect toward us and others in our ranks, no matter how many people we lead. As we ask for redress and an apology from the perpetrator, we shall be kind to him but unrelenting in our demand. You should show the disrespectful person patience and affection, as well as a clear warning at the same time. If you are confronted with any behavior that is disrespectful, cruel, or condescending, do not tolerate it. We can no longer be regarded as worthy of respect if we are not able to accomplish this.

Vigilance is what we need

A healthy sense of paranoia exists among the great, a constant fear that apathy could eventually overtake a shining cause at any moment. Among the great, there is a healthy sense of paranoia that apathy always threatens. The success that we have as people is largely due to a vigilant awareness of what we are fighting for, what might cause us failure, what our ethics are, and how well we are progressing.
These are all elements that make consistent success possible-drive, discipline, persistence, commitment, etc. In order to maintain vigilance, we must focus everyone’s attention and honesty on the things that matter and ensure that progress has been made toward achieving them. It is imperative for us to say constantly, “Pay attention.”. It is important that we know what we’re doing, where we need to improve, and what stands in the way of our success.” Great leaders are on edge to a certain extent; they are alert but calm at the same time.

Service is what we need

It seems that too many of our ancestors have forgotten the charge they left behind for us: they hoped that we would direct our energy, knowledge, and talents into making a difference in the world. If we are not fighting for the betterment of one another’s lives, what are we fighting for? As a family, as a community, and as a world, we must once again rise in service to our families, communities, and the planet. The aim of service is to deliver genuine, warm, and sincere service to others in their time of need.
Doing good and doing well for them is what it is all about. Is there a sense of caring that is present among those around us? How much of a desire do they have to help others? Does the organization care about getting it right and wowing those with whom they are working and serving? It is important that those within our circle of influence do not lack this virtue in their hearts. Getting rid of them as soon as possible will ensure that we are not ripped from glory by the selfish and unconcerned.
What Makes a Great person
What Makes a Great person is a healthy sense of paranoia that exists among the great, a constant fear that apathy could eventually overtake a shining cause at any moment. Source

We should demand unity

As long as gossip and pettiness are allowed to corrode the pillars of a community, a community will not be able to survive. Those of us who are committed to tolerance, bonding, and community must be the ones who strive to inspire these traits in others.
In order to remind others that we are all in this together, we need to always remind them that as soon as the right people are involved, this is the most basic expectation that all leaders should abide by that we are on this journey together toward a meaningful goal; that we need to work together, stay together, struggle together, and achieve together. Our leadership must never be weak, small, and prone to start fights within our ranks as a result of being weak and small. Whenever we communicate, we must always keep the theme of togetherness at the forefront.
Don’t gossip about other people. Make sure that your team does not get divided. Make sure that none of the divisions appear to be more important than the others. Our responsibility is to remind others of their greater connection and service to others whenever we observe them becoming selfish or demonstrating narrow interests.
We can praise an individual for their contribution to the team while still focusing on her positive impact on the culture and on the team as a whole. There is a moment when we are successful when our people say “us” or “we” more than “I” or “me”, when we hear our people celebrate wins together, dine together, cry together, and strive together. Honesty. Responsibility. Intelligence. Excellence. Courage. Respect. Vigilance. Service. Unity.
There are a number of virtues that define greatness, which we should embody and expect in ourselves and in others. A person who possesses these virtues will be a remarkable person, and these virtues may be wielded as a sword against many of the ills of this world. There are stark and challenging demands associated with virtues such as these. We are sure that there will be some people who will question how on earth we can simply leave behind those who do not meet these high standards. It would be good if we could stop the grand delusion of thinking that everyone has to be along with us on every journey.
In the real world, there will be some people who won’t want to join us in our march, and they should be allowed to excuse themselves without shame or regret. In order to achieve the remarkable, not everyone can be a part of each and every initiative, and not everyone can meet the high standards of excellence needed to achieve what we need to accomplish.
Hence, it is important that we find those who are truly dedicated and capable of doing what they are doing and leave all the rest to pursue their own passions and goals.

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