Have you ever asked yourself what is meaningful to you? How can we be able to feel that we are in charge of our life’s agenda in a way that will make us feel more in charge? There is clarity. In one direction. Making progress. By recognizing that human experience can be broken down into two categories, meaningful activities, and nonmeaningful activities, we can begin to develop clarity about the current state of our life’s agenda.
When we are evaluating our days, this forces a clear distinction to be drawn between the good and bad. Are the things I do each day of my life meaningful to me? Is what I do mean to me? Are all these activities in line with what I feel is my life’s work that I feel I am supposed to be doing? The self-determined ask these kinds of questions as part of their self-determination process.
There are some questions that force us to reevaluate everything we do in life. In doing so, we must now ask ourselves whether or not the tasks, responsibilities, and opportunities that are offered to us by the world are aligned with our goals, whether or not they enliven us, and whether or not they allow us to feel fulfilled.
We must be unblinking in our approach to activities that do not meet our expectations, and we must let go of our belief that they are essential for our well-being once and for all. This is likely to be a source of moaning for some people.
Clarity About What is Meaningful?
Clarity About What is Meaningful? How can we be able to feel that we are in charge of our life’s agenda in a way that will make us feel more in charge? Source – Pexels
There are times when they will say, “But I am not satisfied with the answers I have given. I don’t understand what you are trying to say. This is a terrible job that I have to do. As long as those who believe that their workday is not their choice, only time and maturity will be able to help them uncover the truth, which is that work is ultimately just like emotional experiences: a choice.
As a matter of fact, whether or not we are able to wield that power depends on us. We have three options available to us if our work isn’t fulfilling. The first option is to continue hating what we are doing; the second option is to change our perspective and find meaning and joy in the work we are doing; and the last option is to quit the dispassionate work and find something that will fill our soul.
One can only hope that everyone would eventually choose, as soon as they are capable of doing so, the last option at some point in time. Are we required to quit every job we hate in order to be happy? It is not. No doubt, we are capable of succeeding in any job that we work in — greatness is a seed that can be planted in the soil of any experience. It should be noted, however, that in the hearts of those doing work, they love, the seeds of greatness are planted faster than in the hearts of those enslaved by the work they despise, where the seeds of greatness fail to take root.
A lot of people give their entire lives away to work they dislike because they never have the courage to ask the question, “What if I had enough strength and freedom to go out and find something that was more engaging and fulfilling?”
Suppose, however, that the universe is not giving me what I want because it isn’t clear to me what I am asking for due to all my distractions and lack of discipline toward achieving a goal. It is through such bold questions that we are able to unsettle ourselves and unleash a new kind of strength and desire.

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