A European scholar says, you have removed most of the roadblocks to success when you have learnt the difference between motion and direction. Many people start work without knowing the complete knowledge. They just follow their emotions and start doing. When the result comes, it is against their expectation. So, they start complaining of failure. Sometimes they are blaming others for their failure. The individual life needs to gather all resources and plan for better results. Don’t follow others success. You have different abilities in different category.
Keep in mind, a national spirit of compromise and cooperation and willingness to endure short term setbacks for the long time good of the nation, company or a family. The road to failure and road to success is same, normally comes to those individuals who are too busy to be looking for it. Every day is a new opportunity to better your selves and chase your dreams. As long as are you hungrier for success, you will reach your goals one day.
 The legends life is not easy as it seems. Opportunities rarely knock your door, but successful people grab them immediately. Moreover, two type of humans you will face in life. One who encourage you to try the new doors, however second type will let you down to be afraid of failure. So, start to chase your dreams instead of money. It will come automatically in your dreams.
The famous quote of Winston S. Churchill may inspire you if you are down.
“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
Some people believe the formula of success is to double the rate of failure. Thinking negative diminish the rate of success. So go ahead and do the mistakes, the more mistakes as you will more learn formula of success. Risk factor involve in every aspect of life, so take the risk out of your comfort zone. Create the excitement of winning rather than nourishing the fear of failure. Take your time, as success isn’t come in overnight. The warrior doesn’t have any secrets of success. It comes after exorbitant hardworking, keep moving and learning from failure.
So, straight you’re Line of Success that will lead to the door of happiness. Another Famous Japanese Proverb is
“Fall Seven Times and Stand up Eight”
Believe yourself; take wise decisions to make the success happen. Don’t distract from criticism as you have powerful driving force inside your passion. Don’t be fear of stumble upon, keep going on and reach your destination. Then you can slap the haters. Success is not just a destination; it’s a top floor where you have to maintain it. The harder you work for it, the greater you will feel it, because dream bigger end do bigger.
Don’t be stop if you’re tired; stop when you have done the job. Keep alive your motivation until you reach the milestone. Every day, set your goals and go to the bed with greater satisfaction. You know, little things make your day better. Though, it is very hard, but does not mean impossible. Stay focus on the success instead to focus on obstacles. Our main object is to keep your motivation alive, so be inspire and continue to striving success.

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Originally posted 2019-12-14 13:44:35.