Give Respect to Take Respect?

From childhood, we have always listened to our elders, giving respect to taking respect. Be kind and be nice. It all depends on how you treat others and how you feel about me.  The more you treat others with respect, the more you will respect me. Because the more you respect me, the more you will do the same with others.
One of the really nice things about being nice is that it’s contagious when you treat others with great respect. In turn, they are more likely to treat you in a similar manner. That, in turn, affects the way you respond, and so on. Respect is an important yet difficult concept. It is a two-way street that must be given and taken. Respect for others is just as important as the respect given. This means that you should not expect to get something from others without giving them anything in return, and vice versa. This can be seen in life, on the internet, or anywhere else in between.
Any man’s behavior toward other people—colleagues, family members, friends—sends out ripples that impact those we meet and beyond. Do you prefer to spread calm, love, and soothing ripples instead of rough and violent waves? This behavior has been associated with the crude army general, the tough business leader, and the ruthless politician.
Our metaphors leave no alternative to this model. After all, in a dog-eat-dog world, it’s better to be the dog that does the eating than the one that gets eaten. It is better to be the strongest than the weakest, and to swim in treacherous waters, one must be a shark.
Though there are many examples of successful leaders that fit this model, several leaders were no less successful and achieved their success by being gentle and kind. You must be very professional and very nice.  Of course, at certain times, one had to make tough and unpleasant decisions as a leader, and kindness is no substitute for competence, but he always kept in mind the dignity of the people he was dealing with.
The people’s humor, generosity, and kindness rippled through his organization, affecting his employees and, through them, the company’s customers. Well-behaved manners are the lubricants of any successful organization. They enable the smooth functioning of organizations and of relationships in general.
If anyone is able to use kindness and generosity to run an incredibly successful enterprise in a very competitive industry, then we can all do so in our daily interactions. Be kind and nice when you meet a customer, a friend, a family member, or a stranger.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

When you were a child, you enjoyed a great deal, but when we mature, we stop having fun. Do you think this happens? In childhood, we always give respect to our fellows and never mind their words. But when we enter a young age, we mind and never forget others. At any age, these aspects contribute to psychological and physical well-being.
It makes us more resilient, strengthens our immune system, enhances our creativity, and improves our relationships. We don’t need to restrict play to the leisure activities or hobbies that occupy us once the workday is over. We can choose to bring the spirit of play to a meal with our family or to a road trip with friends, to learning a new skill, or to a professional meeting with our colleagues.
Regardless of how important and significant our endeavors are, if we go through life with gravity and somberness without having fun, we will sink into the abyss of meaninglessness and nihilism. Play is our fuel, providing us with energy and drive.
From childhood, we always listening from our elders, Give Respect to Take Respect. Be Kind and Be nice. It all depends upon, how you treat others, and how you feel about me is closely connected.
From childhood, we always listened to our elders. Give respect to take respect. Be kind and be nice. It all depends on how you treat others and how you feel about me.
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Originally posted 2019-12-10 16:45:53.