We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

We shall reclaim our agenda, that we must take back control of our lives and destinies. We must challenge the status quo and create a better future for the next generation. We must restore the power of the collective and work together to create a better society for all. Self-confidence and freedom are inherent in our human nature. Passion for self-expression and achieving our dreams burns more intensely in our souls than anything else. We find deep joy in our lives when we are spontaneous and authentic each day while doing things we enjoy. In life, great misery comes from too many days spent conforming and posing while doing things we are not passionate about.
“The day is always his who works with serenity and great aims”.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
These truths give us a way to measure our freedom: the number of days we spend expressing or not expressing it. Were we ourselves today, expressing our true voice, sincere feelings, and inherent power? Rather than being slaves to distractions or useless pursuits, did we spend the majority of our day doing meaningful activities? Day by day, life can easily be ripped away from us. As a result, we lose sight of what we want and become distracted.
Our actions are dictated by others. As a result of saying yes to so many things, we never have time to do the things we really care about. The masses live in this reality. The master of their day, however, is the one who has freedom and greatness. The agenda and direction of their lives are entirely different for them.
They know each day builds force towards a specific goal, so their days mean something to them. Almost as though they imagined themselves standing before their Creator at the end of their lives and having to answer His question: Did you use the time I gave you each day in a meaningful way? How did you spend your time? Did you follow your own path? Your soul was sown with a dream. What kind of care did you show it?
They must have awoken each day knowing that these questions would follow. As if they hurled a shining spear of purpose each morning and then made it their mission to pick it up and throw it again. Focused, unbending, and diligent, they struggled every day to accomplish the goal. The presence of mind they had allowed them to ask themselves, “Am I on the right path?” whenever they felt lost. Am I moving forward in my pursuit of what I desire?
They knew that if they found themselves sidetracked in the valley of despair and distraction, to raise their heads, to climb to a high vantage point, to see where their journey was taking them and if it was where they desired to go, to search for the shining spear and reorient themselves toward it, to find once more the greater destiny’s horizon line. Continuing along this path, they showed remarkable commitment. It was their life’s purpose, and they awoke every morning dedicated and passionate about it.
No matter what obstacles stood in their way, they never gave up, always thrusting their intent into the distance, always seeking, always finding a way over or through them until they ended up either in the land of their dreams or with the angels if they died trying. Rather than wander around or march under someone else’s banner, they never wasted a day. Compare their life agenda with that of the stragglers and complainers of the world, who lack direction, and passion, and are fearful of work.
Intentions are not cast into the world, or if they are, they allow themselves to be distracted rather than following through. Instead of examining their immediate tasks to see where they are headed, they prefer the illusory sense of accomplishment that comes from checking something off the list. It is too difficult for them to chase their own dreams because they are too afraid too lazy or too influenced by other people’s demands. Their efforts are not motivated and disciplined.
Despite their best efforts, they keep making excuses and telling stories about why they cannot climb the mountain. Activating their latent powers is not a priority for them. It is as if they are living unconsciously or in quiet denial, unable to face the reality that their own life agenda is strangely absent or irrelevant. Because they did not stay true and faithful to themselves or their mission, the mark of greatness will never be seared into their souls.
A straggler with an excuse or a strive with the spear of purpose, we are either one or the other. In which reality will we live? Should we allow ourselves to be directionless in life, ripped of purpose by the demands of others and all the distractions around us? Are we finally ready to acknowledge that our days will become weeks and weeks will become months and months will become years and decades and a lifetime either won or lost, joyful or regretful, purposeful or squandered?
Take back your life’s agenda from conformity and distraction on this day. We should set our goals in life and strive to achieve them as quickly and diligently as possible. It is our simple efforts and daily triumphs that can accumulate weight and motion to become an unstoppable force toward a focused and free life. In designing our daily agendas, we can make them things of beauty, not objects of resentment. This is a stunning record of our progress towards freedom and transcendence that is a delight to look at. In the process, we can lift ourselves to higher standards and higher planes of joy and purpose by emancipating our schedule from meaningless tasks.
It is possible to take back our destiny and make each day a fulfilling and artful experience through conscious planning and vigilant protection of our time and agenda. However, in order to do so, we must take a long, hard look at our habit of letting others and meaningless things control our lives and agendas. Saying no more often is necessary.
It is imperative that we focus more. To protect our time, dreams, and souls, we have to fight harder. It is now time to get serious about what we are becoming as a result of our days. A meaningful life is something we should aim for and enjoy. We need to value the hour once more and stop letting the world’s distractions and nonsense steal our lives. Now is the time to take charge of our lives and reclaim our days. As a result, we declare that we shall reclaim our agenda.
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We shall reclaim our agenda, that we must take back control of our lives and destinies. We must challenge the status quo and create a better future for the next generation.
We shall reclaim our agenda, that we must take back control of our lives and destinies. We must challenge the status quo and create a better future for the next generation. Source

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