Why We Don’t Like Wait? Wait for a friend or bus, call or message. You have often seen that waiting is a painful condition. But the cause of this suffering is psychological. In many countries, poetry is full of the pain of waiting. Sometimes eyes looking for beloved ones, waiting for an email or a gift. It is said that a moment of waiting equals a century. But the question is, what are the reasons behind the stagnation of time? Researchers say that one of the main reasons for this is psychological.
The agony of waiting is not limited to the people or culture of a single region, but in Western literature as well as in the East, waiting has been described as a ‘negative state’. Probably this is the most important investment not to wait for someones. If you have to wait for a table to be empty in a restaurant, a bus or a plane is delayed, someone has given time and does not arrive on time, and then it looks like things have gone from your way. Impatience is probably the reason for the wait.

Why Does Waiting Feel Bad?

A book was written by Berlin-based psychologist Claudia Peppel, named “The Art of Waiting”. This book was published in 2019. In this book, the work of various contemporary photographers and graphic artists has been compiled with prose passages, essays, and interviews, the main theme of which is Waiting. “Many waiting areas are a reflection of our connection with time and place,” says Peppel. It is the sense of certainty that makes us suffer.”
In the book People, historian Vincent Knecht writes, “The only one who can wait is the one who has the power.” Researcher Geisler agrees. “Waiting is also a tool to show strength,” he says. “As we wait, we feel the passing of time, moment by moment.” We also complain that there is no time to sit still for a moment and on the other hand we sit quietly in the waiting moment. Therefore, there is also a complaint to sit quietly. We make people wait, but if someone makes us wait, we don’t like it at all. ”
Then the wait is not the same, the wait is also layered. We are always part of some kind of wait. A religious person is waiting for an incarnation, a musician is waiting to feel the veins of the satar with his fingers, a child is waiting for his New Year or Eid or Christmas, a promise is waiting to be fulfilled. The cycle of ‘time is capital’ is entrenched in every corner of society and waiting is psychologically linked to the bitter and negative feeling of losing that capital. Geisler even says that the state of waiting or the state of time also depends on who the waiter is connected with.
Why We Don’t Like Wait
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