This is very important for parents to build their children’s personalities properly. Many parents seem to be complaining that their children are becoming more and more indifferent as they get older. Applause them, but the fact is that the seeds of their behavior were sown long ago, in childhood.
The strength of a child’s relationship with their parents during adolescence depends on how much time they spend in childhood. It is a way of nurturing that provides a solid or weak foundation for a relationship.
Some parents’ style of speaking is prescriptive, and some are even more stubborn and persuasive. On the contrary, some parents are very kind, while others seem completely indifferent to their children. Not only sound education, but his alertness and dedication are also highly required. Good relations are built on good communication.
There is a rule: if you are paying close attention to your child’s small talk and reassuring him that you are with him at all times, then this action will strengthen the children’s trust and confidence in you. It is with this confidence that they will share everything with you. The ideal style of upbringing is one in which the parents agree after listening to the child fully, and on the other hand, the children also express the same spirit and attitude. In this way, they obey the child
One of the reasons for the weak relationship between parents and children is that parents do not give time to their children at an early age. Children are usually sent to school when they are less than three years old. That is why they do not have an emotional attachment to their parents, nor do they properly pass on family, cultural, and religious values. The child’s education should start after the age of at least four to five years so that he can spend more time with his parents.
Building of Children's Personalities
The building of Children’s Personalities—Image by White77 from Pixabay
At this age, the child learns very fast, so parents should provide them with a good mental foundation. The first big mistake parents make is comparing their children with other children after the beginning of their educational period. This process, whether in or out of school, has a devastating effect on children’s learning. Similarly, it is wrong for parents to give more importance to one of their children.
Choosing a particular field of study for children is very important. In this regard, when parents impose their will on their children against their interests, not only do children rebel against them, but they also consider it a burden for themselves. Due to a lack of interest in this field, their interest in moving forward disappears. Sometimes there are times when children fail subjects after three or four years and quit their studies.
On the other hand, it should not be the case that parents accept their children’s decisions. It’s possible for children at this age to be affected by a particular field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate. At this stage, children need parental support. The best strategy is to make children aware of specific areas and then allow them to choose the area of ​​their choice after completing their homework. The way it works is that your children
Children’s self-esteem does not come suddenly. Parents have had to work hard since childhood to build their trust. To do this, you must allow them to have a safe adventure in a safe environment. Stopping everything affects their decision-making power as well as their confidence. It is also important to give them opportunities to see the world outside the home.
Hence, allow your children to mingle with other family members and give them the opportunity to participate in household activities. This level of confidence must be restored so that they can tell their parents if they have made a mistake. By making small changes in their upbringing and environment, you can provide a good and strong foundation for your children.
On this basis, it will be possible to build a good personality in the future. So, reading the above article will help you groom your children’s personalities in an appropriate way.
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This is very important for parents to building of children's personalities in a proper way. Many parents seem to be complaining that their children are becoming more and more indifferent as they get older.
This is very important for parents to building of children’s personalities in a proper way. Many parents seem to be complaining that their children are becoming more and more indifferent as they get older.

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