Six Aircrafts Used by Great Britain during World War II

Six Aircrafts Used by Great Britain during World War II. Here is a brief list of all Aircrafts.

Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle

The transport version of the Bristol bomber was utilized for transport as well as the tug of a glider. Made of mostly wood it was powered by two 1,590 horsepower Bristol Hercules 14-cylinder radials and could reach speeds of 265 miles/hour. The service ceiling was 10,500 feet. It had a range of 1,350 miles.
The maximum weight of the Albemarle’s takeoff was 36,500 pounds. The wingspan was 77 feet long, and the length was 59 feet and 11 inches. In contrast to other transports that were in use, the Albemarle was lightly armed with two 7.7 millimeter Vickers machine guns.
This is Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle Aircrafts Used by Great Britain during World War II. 
This is Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle Aircrafts Used by Great Britain during World War II. Photo Credit – Wikipedia

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

They were utilized for transport of paratroopers as well as often, for towing gliders. It was a modified version of the British mid-sized bomber. This model was driven by two 1,145 horsepower Rolls-Royce Merlin X 12-cylinder engines with a maximum speed of 222 miles an hour, with a maximum of 17,600 feet. The range was 1,650 miles and the maximum takeoff weight is 33,500 pounds. The Whitley was a wing span of 84 feet and was 70.5 feet in length.

Handley Page Halifax

Another bomber, this time modified to function as an auxiliary tug for gliders and transports in the Halifax. The Halifax is powered by 4 1,615-hp Bristol Hercules engines and had an average velocity of 282 miles an hour, and a service ceiling of 20.000 feet. The maximum takeoff weight was 54400 pounds, the wingspan was 98 feet 10 inches, and the length was 71 feet and 7 inches.

Short Stirling

The bomber’s heavy design was used to tug gliders and general transport, as well as airborne attacks. It was equipped with four 1,650 horsepower Bristol Hercules 14-cylinder engines and could reach 280 miles per hour. The service maximum was 17,000 feet, and the range was 3,000 miles. The Short Stirling was a wing span of 99 feet and 1 inch. It was the length of 87 feet 3 inches. The maximum weight for takeoff was 70, 000 pounds.

Airspeed Horsa

The British utilized gliders more frequently than the Americans. The most popular British glider model was called the Horsa which could carry 20 people and had the highest towing speed which was 100 miles per hour. The maximum lift-off weight is 15,250 lbs. The wingspan measured 88 feet and the length was 67 feet.

General Aircraft Hamilcar

The largest and the heaviest RAF glider known, the Hamilcar was the highest takeoff weight of 37,000lbs. It was towable at a speed of 150 miles per hour and had the size of a 110-foot wingspan. The glider measured 68 feet in length. It was 68 feet long. Hamilcar could be the one Allied glider that could carry tanks to combat.
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