There are many reasons for fear of failure in relationships occurs, but it is most commonly caused by fear of rejection. It usually stems from the fear that the partner will not stay with the individual or will leave them for someone else. Another reason can be fear that they may end up alone and never find a suitable partner at all.
While fear of failure in relationships does affect people from all walks of life! Those who often feel this way tend to be ones who have a fear of commitment as well. They often want their relationship to work out but do not think they’re capable. If the person has been hurt before or has trust issues, this fear comes from those experiences as well as from their own self-doubts.
In fear of failure in relationships, it is often what controls any desire that the person may have. Any fear and anxiety in a relationship with someone else have likely been caused by fear in their previous relationships, which leads them to fear rejection over and over again.
People who fear failure in relationships can come from any background, but they do share some common characteristics:  Fear of commitment – fear of being alone – a sense of self-doubt or unworthiness – fear of conflict or confrontation – fear of resistance.
These people often want to be in a relationship just as much as anyone else does, but they become immobilized out of fear when it comes time to take action. Often this immobilization looks like laziness or resistance. It prevents people from taking any action in the fear of losing what they have.
This is often caused by fear of rejection, fear that they will not be chosen, fear that if they are chosen then the relationships won’t work out anyway, fear that it will end up in disaster or fear that they’ll be alone forever. These fears can essentially paralyze people from making a move with their partners.
They may even back away when someone does come along for them because if fear holds them back so much already, why bother? It’s easier to just avoid it altogether than to try something and risk being hurt again.
Even if fear of failure in relationships affects one person more than another, often there is a co-dependence between two individuals. They may fear being rejected by others but fear being rejected by their partner more. Some fear they’ll have to be alone forever, so they cling to the easiest person that will give them some sort of relationship.
Further, in fear of rejection, that they cannot find a partner, or fear that they will not be chosen, people cling together in relationships that may not be healthy – fear of commitment drives them to fear ending up alone. People like this may fear the unknown and fear change, so they cling to their current relationships even if it is destructive or harmful.
Also, when the fear of loss is involved, it often controls everything in the fear of failure in relationships. It prevents people from taking action, and failure in relationships paralyzes them.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure in Relationship?

The only way to overcome the fear of failure is to take chances and risk being hurt again. The more you allow your life to be controlled by the threat of pain the more it will actually control you. Getting out there and finding someone that might work out means that you give yourself a chance at happiness.
It may not happen right away or it may never happen, but if you don’t risk anything then how are you ever going to find love? If fear holds back your desires for any sort of relationship then what good does fear do except cause problems?
Love is the fear of losing what you have, and fear of failure in relationships prevents people from pursuing the love they want. It’s a fear that makes people feel trapped or stuck. They fear change – fear accepting their own needs – fear of rejection and fear of being alone. These fears paralyze people and prevent them from taking action in fear of failing at everything they do.
Fear can control anything when it comes to relationships, but if you let it then there’s no way to escape its grasp. You just have to learn how to handle it and not let it control your life or what happens next in any situation. If you can’t overcome a fear then how will you ever find love? How will you ever push yourself through all fear and fear of failure in relationships?
Fear of failure is the anxiety of conflict and its change and fear of the unknown. Fear holds people back from taking action because fear has a paralyzing effect on people. People fear trying to overcome fear because if they fail then they will be stuck with fear controlling them any time something new or unusual comes along.
Fearing being alone makes people cling to others indefinitely because they are afraid that their lives are not worth living without someone there for them. It takes courage to risk getting hurt again but it also gives you the chance at saving yourself from being trapped by fear forever.
People can take control over their lives when they learn how to deal with fears. How to handle it, what it wants, that fear controls things, and fear of failure in relationships. Don’t be worry fear is a natural feeling, but it can paralyze people so much so that it can control everything. That changes the fear of the unknown and their future.
There are many reasons for fear of failure in relationships occurs, but it is most commonly caused by fear of rejection.
There are many reasons for fear of failure in relationships occurs, but it is most commonly caused by fear of rejection. Photo Credit – Pixabay

Originally posted 2022-02-18 12:59:51.