People who are good listeners and empathetic friends will find it difficult to not listen to the weaklings, particularly if they want to respect their opinions and circumstances. Following the weak and slothful are those who speak out against the effort and hardship required to be remarkable. There is something controlling about saying, “Don’t listen to a lazy person, because he will surely fill your soul with fear and apathy.” Despite the fact that it is a simple statement, it still has a controlling effect.
When we listen lovingly to those we know well and allow close to us, we must be careful not to absorb too much energy. A stranger should be guarded: socializing with bon vivants, drinking, gossiping, or watching garish reality shows is easy to be lured by. The lack of ambition in their lives can be misinterpreted as serenity by our sense of leisurely pace. There can be more apathy than relaxation in these kinds of people, however.
We must beware them, for they can cause us to fear the one thing that advances our lives: effort. Why work so hard when you can take it easy? It doesn’t matter what you do, it won’t last, it won’t mean anything, it won’t even be noticed. Despite their smiles, they whisper to others that our efforts are pointless as they wave toward us on the sidelines.
Their cheerful warnings of approaching struggles make them seem like watchmen. Our comrades’ are silently criticizing our efforts, demeaning our efforts, joking at our expense as we pass these idlers. There is a raucous village idiot who enjoys making faraway jabs, taunting those who are striving, hoping to instill fear of unworthiness in those passing by.
What is the purpose of these time wasters? There is no satisfaction in hard work for them because they worship ease. In other words, they are aimless souls without any real purpose, no higher desire, and no real path in life. There is a possibility that they would not have had the courage to abandon complacency.
The world has benefited little from their glib cynicism. They are the dreamers, the ones who bolt at the first hint of a challenge. Those bolder than them are disdained by them. Humanity’s star is not rising, but sinking, according to these pessimists. In their stead, they surrendered their power long ago, thus absolving themselves of the responsibility of living a remarkable life.
Taking these loiterers for friends is not a good idea. Their invitations to ease will lead to indolence, and their invitations to a life of ease will lead to weakness. We are not interested in their ease. Without struggle, what is the point of living? Is there anything to learn? What other means do we have to grow?
Without sweat, toil, and effort, what kind of mastery can there be? Our approach to the apathetic and unambitious, those too weak to fight, try, or endure, should be cautious. Freedom has been forfeited to them. Neither they nor their highest selves are motivated to follow their highest selves. Therefore, we cannot use them as examples.
It is ironic that humans tend to follow those who are weakest among us — cynics and trolls. Nevertheless, we should not waste our time on these weak fools. It is important to understand that couch critics are at the bottom of humanity’s rung. Apathetic advisors who, from a detached perch of safety, believe every whim that passes over their minds, and every argument they make.
As a result, it must be weighed equally with the wisdom that comes from those who are actually fighting the battles, whose minds have been sharpened by the experience of real-world combat, whose legends are being forged on the front lines. It is important to remember that most of the cynics and judgmental tyrants who seek to oppress us are small, frustrated people who label us as narcissistic strivers or undeserving fakes to cover up their own apathy and failure.
To stop feeling so little themselves, they try to belittle us. They hide behind their computers or influential positions and impose their uninformed opinions on us to boost their self-esteem. Whenever asked about their own contributions, they usually fall silent or rant incoherently and meaninglessly. For them, success is only pointing out our failures; to elevate themselves, they must denigrate us. As a sad demonstration, their jabs demonstrate that nothing is easier than to discount great minds for small minds. People from out of town are suspect to those who dwell in ignorance.
Indifference is ultimately instilled by those too apathetic to strive for imperative things, swaying so many independents away from greatness. Keeping this in mind, let us keep moving forward. Our struggles and contributions should be a source of pride and honor for us. Our magnificent dreams and unceasing hard work will not exhaust us or cause us anxiety. Even as we toil, we will keep a blissful heart, because our toil will lead us to what is meaningful to us.
We should humbly pass by those who watch, those who aimlessly wander, those who are bored, and those who whine. Besides distraction and useless commentary, they have nothing to offer. Rather than settling for mediocrity, let’s make our cause greater. The task at hand is to complete duties, initiatives, fight battles, and celebrate real victories. We go forward with strength and fire. Don’t be influenced by the weaklings.
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People who are good listeners and empathetic friends will find it difficult to not listen to the weaklings, particularly if they want to respect their opinions and circumstances.
People who are good listeners and empathetic friends will find it difficult to not listen to the weaklings, particularly if they want to respect their opinions and circumstances. Source

Originally posted 2023-08-30 06:21:27.