Why Positive Success is Necessary in Life?

Positive success is a key element in everyone’s life. Advancement in life is the result of a positive and necessary view of progress and the success, achievements, influence, and powers that come from it. Positive success and its consequent powers are often mistakenly seen as corrupting, especially by those on the sidelines.
Despite their unconscious expectations, the doomed expect negative outcomes from advancement, even if they are unaware of them. Their secret belief is that all this striving for achievement must lead to a hell on earth where virtue will cede the field to vice and they will be forced to compromise themselves or sell out.
Positive success and power are thought to make us rotten; friends and family will be abandoned as we ascend; and money will replace memories. The higher one climbs, the lonelier and more miserable one becomes; success breeds selfishness; there is never fulfillment, only the constant desire for more.
Countless sad and misinformed beliefs lead them to believe that positive success must bear only bitter fruit. What is the source of such opinions? As a starting point, these assumptions are based on a scarcity-driven and jealous mind. We all know that there are small-minded people among us who dislike, distrust, or hate those who succeed in life, believing that for one to win, another must lose.
We can use our positive success to make the world a better place. The more power a person possesses, the more likely they are to commit vice.
We can use our positive success to make the world a better place. The more power a person possesses, the more likely they are to commit vice. Source
Some people wish ill on those who succeed just so that they do not feel left behind or forgotten when those around them succeed, create more wealth, or gain more influence. Being jealous of others who succeed beyond them causes them a great deal of discomfort and anger. The experience forces them to look in the mirror and realize they may be less fortunate, have fewer chances, or have less natural talent than others. There may be guilt as they conclude that they don’t have the drive, discipline, and resourcefulness to succeed. Blame, excuses, anger, and victimhood follow, which lead to disgust and victimhood for those who appear happy and successful.
Scarcity and insecurity lead to a severe and misguided belief that those who have power are necessarily corrupt and evil and that somehow all “those” people who are more positively successful than us are conspiring to hold us back. It is the blindness caused by these assumptions that prevents people from seeing their own responsibility for their reality and the opportunities offered to everyone.
While there are powerful forces in the world that are oppressive, such as political tyranny, financial corruption, and irresponsible power-wielding, this does not mean they are all oppressive. However, even in such extreme situations, we still must take responsibility for our reactions and actions beyond such extremes. No matter what kind of suppression we face, shouldn’t we still strive hard, fight, and fight for our own personal freedom without delay?
Is it not true that there are countless stories of men and women who came from nothing, climbed over their circumstances, broke the ceilings, became captains of their fates, and crossed impossible seas despite all obstacles? We should not allow tyranny or evil to limit our vision of our lives. It is very important that we take care.
It is desperate, ignorant, and dangerous to believe that all those with power and positive success are wicked, untrustworthy, and hated. We ourselves would also become worse if we had such power and success. Our motivation and progress are destroyed by these thoughts. A person who hates successful people as a group usually does so out of spite and not out of reason, since hatred can never have a good reason.
A majority of those who hate anyone, for that matter, do so because of ignorant prejudices born of fear, not from any real experience with them. There is a curious fact about people who hate successful people: they don’t know many successful people. The choices we make in life are determined by our beliefs about positive success and wealth, so we should be aware of what we believe. Success and power, if we think they are corrupt, will prevent us from taking action toward them, and we will soon find ourselves living a life of apathy and indifference.
Without a positive attitude toward positive success, how are we going to succeed? It won’t take long for a man to put away his tools if he believes the house he’s building may someday house the devil. Hating those who have achieved success or anticipating that we will become more miserable if we succeed is a dastardly form of self-oppression, as it confines the hater to squalor. The real tyrants and discriminators, however, are those who hold us back, those who burden us with pain when we try to move forward, and those who are prejudiced against us because of our race, religion, gender, lifestyle, or background.
We owe nothing to these bastards. Even in the face of these obstacles, we can only increase our efforts toward preserving our personal freedoms. Do not halt, do not go around them, do not outwit them, and do not forget them. Our positive success and influence should be wielded more freely and deliberately on the other side of them. We should not be blinded by these few people.
It is more likely that the successful people of the world are good and generous than most people realize. We realize that the higher we climb in life, the harder it is for everyone to achieve anything. Many successful individuals came from a background of desperation, heartbreak, and poverty, which we might all learn from. People of influence earn their way through discipline, struggle, and service, except for those who have advanced in life naturally.
In the end, none but themselves held them back from achieving their dreams, freed from the chains of their resentment against others. As a result, they strengthened their minds and forged their character by working hard and pursuing noble goals, recognizing that poverty of intelligence, morals, and courage was more crippling than a lack of wealth. How have the greats used the power earned from striving for freedom and excellence?
The good outweighs the bad. Their families were cared for by them for generations. They built ships and schools. Rails and roads were laid. Providing food and education for their children and paying for their mortgages was made possible through the hiring of people. Their contributions to their communities included raising their own children.
Thousands of people around the world benefit from their charitable contributions every day. Their example provided us with something to strive for, a goal to strive for, and an example to emulate. The desire and faith of some led them to achieve this. There were others who started with a measure of wealth.
They embraced many values, such as progress, freedom, and hard work. We must overcome our fears, our egos, our insecurities, and our judgments and learn to celebrate those who rose up, gained abundance, and served greatly, regardless of their fears and egos. It is important to remember that with progress comes power, which gives us a greater chance to enjoy life and assist those in need.
We can use our positive success to make the world a better place. The more power a person possesses, the more likely they are to commit vice. As the influence of people of virtue grows, they will be able to spread more goodness. Let’s work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor without regret or small-mindedness.
Share our riches and our influence with those who also strive for great lives and great contributions, standing on the right and generous side of might. Our sweat and discipline earned us the power we have today. Let’s never apologize for that. We should rather wield it against wickedness and promote growth and generosity in the service of those who share our belief in the benefits of positive success. With this mindset, abundance and meaning will be ours.
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