Assemble an Attractive Personality


No matter how much you know about the field of your endeavor unless you can display a general interest in the world at large. Because no one is going to find you attractive. You and your associates may thrive on speaking for hours without end about the work you are doing. But you will be as unwelcome as a dentist among other people in a candy shop.

It is better to keep yourselves acquainted with the issues of the day and maintain a few pursuits other than your business. They will broaden your character and deepen your knowledge of yourself as well. If you understand yourself, you will be better able to understand others and they will appreciate you more for it.

Fondness of People

Just as a dog can sense those who do or do not like dogs. Normally people guess very quickly whether they are dealing with someone who likes other people. They resent those people with a natural dislike for their fellows, and they are attracted to those who possess genuine enthusiasm. Even if you think you can cloak your dislike with appealing mannerism. However, others will sense your lack of human affection. Guard your thoughts against uncharitable impulses and pay attention to your temper.

Temper is nothing but uncontrolled emotion, and when your emotion out of control you may suddenly say do things which will cause you and others great injury. A person with an uncontrolled tempered has a tongue that is mounted on ball-bearing and swings widely and freely. It is just like an edge as sharp as a razor blade.

Impatience with other people is a visible expression of selfishness and lack of self-discipline. So, there is a consistent display of defeatism. You do no one any favors by harping on your recent misfortunes or your feelings of aimlessness. People will forgive those who aim high and miss a person who not only lacks the get-go to try but remind others of it endlessly shows no fondness for the humor of other people. Show an alert interest tolerance and respect for others and they will instinctively do the same for you.


Keep in mind that arrogance, egotism, and vanity, are never found in someone with a good-looking personality. So, don’t mistake humility for timidity. The true humility is an acknowledgment that even the greatest folk are in the scheme of human existence, only fragments of the whole. Moreover, recognize that the blessings you have are a gift to be used for the common good, not a topic for every conversation.

If you are struggling with this issue, then turn to your alert interest in others to keep you focused on topics rather than yourself. As your faith grows so will your recognition of the importance of the greater world and its value. People who are strong in faith are always humble of heart, and these qualities are always much admired in every society.

Effective Showmanship

This is the result of the proper blend of many aspects of an attractive personality. The facial expression tone of voice appropriate word choice, effective speech, emotional control, versatility, courtesy, courage, mental attitude, sense of humor, and tactfulness. Together they allow you to gain favorable attention whenever necessary.

Showmanship does not imply grandstanding, clowning, around wisecracking or gossiping. These types of qualities certainly grab attention, but they are tiresome and often very dangerous. Effective and positive use of the traits which combine to form good showmanship will serve you well whether you are dealing with one person or a thousand.

Clean Sportsmanship

Win without boasting lose without squealing, and others will soon respect you. Athletics can make this a habit in many people but even if you have never set foot on a playing field or a court, you can inspire others to cooperate with you if they know that at At the end of the game your presence will not be unbearable.

Your outside interest is a good place to cultivate this trait. Flexibility, tact, and humility will aid you in its display. Let your manners always be friendly no matter what the outcome and people will be glad to have worked with you.

A Warm Handshake

This is a very simple skill, really, but it is very valuable at first impression and every time a contract renewed. Make your grasp firm and friendly not crushing. You want to establish enthusiasm and cooperation, not competition. A limp handshake will display disdain or weakness.

Coordinate your handshakes with a greeting and grip the other person’s hand for emphasis on the key phrases. Maintain your grip if you speak your greeting in order to strengthen the impression you are making. Be direct and assertive in your greeting and people will associate those qualities with the whole of your personality.

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